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This probably seems like a stupid question to ask – obviously, IT is computers, and everything to do with them. Well sure, it’s that. But it’s also data, it’s where you store that data, it’s how you access that data, it’s what you do with that data. It’s what that data’s worth to you. It’s what losing that data, or having that data stolen, is worth to you.For a long time, Information Technology has been considered an operational cost to businesses, a necessary cost that improves efficiency, increases productivity, andSEE DETAILS

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You’ve probably heard of Meltdown and Spectre by now – reports have been circulating across the Internet and even in mainstream news media since the beginning of January. These pose a catastrophic risk to businesses everywhere, but the cause may turn out to be more bureaucratic than technical.So just how bad is this? Surely it’s being blown out of all proportion?Unfortunately, not really. If anything there’s far less attention being paid than the issue actually warrants. Some security experts have even been downplaying the risks because these vulnerabilities don’t allow remoteSEE DETAILS ...

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‘Quality’ is a word that’s so overused, it has essentially lost its meaning – consider how often you’ve heard or read that word associated with someone’s product or service. When everyone’s using the same description, it’s no longer a point of differentiation – our eyes and ears slide past it, looking for something that actually stands out. Even legally, all products are expected to be of ‘reasonably high’ quality, or they’re not even allowed to be sold – you’re not allowed to deliberately sell something you know to be ofSEE DETAILS

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Welcome to the new Xion Technology website. We’ve been in business since 2002, and in that time we’ve seen tremendous changes in the technology we use both in business and in our everyday lives. Our new blog will see regular, business-focussed content that explains common or current technology topics and its relevance to your business, in language that’s easy to understand. Feel free to use the form on the Contact page to provide us with your email address if you’d like to receive an alert when we publish new blogSEE DETAILS

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