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Remote Access, Security, TeamViewer

A flaw discovered in TeamViewer can allow an attacker to acquire the user password and network credentials, resulting in complete control and takeover of the PC.

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19 vulnerabilities discovered in a component manufacturer’s products affect the supply chain of hundreds of millions of devices. Whether or not you have specifically affected devices on your network, there are fundamental architectural planning decisions you can make to minimise the impact of such threats on your organisation.

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ABB, Aussie Broadband, NBN, Pentanet, Wifi, Work From Home

Internet performance is one of the biggest challenges for people working from home at the moment. Even if they have a 100mbps plan, they're frequently finding the Internet unusable. But the NBN was meant to solve problems like this, so what's going on?

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Business IT, Remote Access, Security

As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, everyone's suddenly talking about working from home, but many smaller businesses don't have the facilities or policies for this already set up. It's important that businesses take an intelligent, considered approach to this and don't just give their staff unfettered access to the work network - cyber criminals are watching closely to take advantage of businesses allowing remote access haphazardly, so those that aren't careful could go from a remote workforce business to no business in short order.

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Business IT, Security

On April 14 Intel disclosed their architectural vulnerability to a new group of side channel attacks collectively called MDS (Microarchitectural Data Sampling). Intel have provided microcode updates to their manufacturing partners for firmware updates, as well as to Microsoft, Linux and other OS developers for integration in future software patches.

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