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Home Networking, Wifi 6

The new Amplifi Alien Wifi 6 home network solution from Ubiquiti is the most robust, easiest to use, highest performing Wifi 6 device for your home. Our performance analysis shows you what it's capable of and why you want it.

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Business IT, Emerging Technology, Networking, Wifi 6

The Unifi U6-Lite is the first, entry-level Wifi 6 Access Point in the Unifi range. It's extremely competitively priced, so should you jump in and replace your Wifi 5 (AC) Access Points with U6-Lites today?

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Security, Technical Article

In March 2021 Unifi-Video NVR servers running on Linux suddenly fell over without warning. We explain why, and how you can fix it with a single stringed command.

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Remote Access, Security, TeamViewer

A flaw discovered in TeamViewer can allow an attacker to acquire the user password and network credentials, resulting in complete control and takeover of the PC.

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19 vulnerabilities discovered in a component manufacturer’s products affect the supply chain of hundreds of millions of devices. Whether or not you have specifically affected devices on your network, there are fundamental architectural planning decisions you can make to minimise the impact of such threats on your organisation.

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