Remote Access, Security, TeamViewer

High Severity TeamViewer Vulnerability Allows Remote Access and Potential Takeover

A flaw discovered in TeamViewer can allow an attacker remote access to the target Windows PC, they could execute code (run commands and possibly install malware), and could potentially lead to the attacker acquiring the user password and network credentials (complete control and takeover).

According to a report on ThreatPost, Jeffrey Hofmann of Praetorian discovered the flaw in the Windows version of TeamViewer. TeamViewer have since patched the flaw, but users need to manually update to the latest version of TeamViewer to apply it and protect their systems.

This is just one reason we recommend people consider using TeamViewer QuickSupport rather than the full installed version wherever possible. QuickSupport runs for that single remote session only. The user needs to manually execute the QuickSupport file again for every subsequent session, as nothing is installed on the PC (so it’s not persistent and thus doesn’t leave the computer vulnerable).

We strongly advise everyone with TeamViewer installed to either update to the latest version immediately, or if you only have it for situations where others are providing support to you, uninstall it and only use QuickSupport for remote support sessions in future.