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Technology has changed our world dramatically, but it is only useful if it’s the right fit for the job. Our mission is to find the best solution to help you build a better business. Reduce business risk, improve reliability, increase staff productivity, reduce operating costs, increase business confidence, extend equipment service life and improve capital investment return. Technology should be as transparent as possible to your staff and your customers – as far as you’re concerned it should just work, day in and day out. That’s our goal: to provide you with a complete technology solution so you can get on with the job of being great at what you do, confident your technical infrastructure is robust, reliable, and the most efficient use of your resources.



Quality, Reliable Solutions

Like anything, IT solutions vary in quality and reliability. Businesses can’t afford faulty, unreliable systems. We utilise decades of experience to minimise this business risk, providing the most reliable solutions available, from servers to PCs, networks (including wifi) to disaster recovery. Our minimal maintenance, minimum downtime, maximum reliability focus results in reduced risk and exceptional business confidence.



Technical People Who Understand You

Whether its working with C-level executives or customer-facing staff, communication is key to a successful outcome. Communication is collaborative, organic and ongoing – technical people need to understand your needs and requirements, while also communicating in ways you can understand effortlessly, too.

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From Design to Legacy Support

Managing multiple service providers is complicated and fraught with potential pitfalls. A Full Stack partner can provide a complete service, from beginning to end. From scoping to design, procurement, project management, assembly, integration, training, support and maintenance, we can take every project from initial conception all the way through its lifecycle, including managing other service providers. Yes, you can have a single point of contact with the expertise to manage all the technical requirements of your business.

Take Security Seriously


The Linchpin of Modern Business

Technology is an inescapable building block of modern business, and security is the linchpin that holds it all together. The greater your reliance on technology, the more data you hold and use, the greater your exposure to security risks. Cybercrime cost the world USD$3 trillion in 2015, and is predicted to double that to USD$6 trillion annually by 2021. It is the cause of the largest transfer of wealth in human history and the incentives for criminals are unprecedented. If you’re using technology, you are at risk, and this risk must be managed resposibly and proactively from one end of the organisation to the other.

We take security very seriously – in the sea of potentially disasterous risks posed by the integration of technology in modern business, security is by far the greatest. A single security breach can result in the collapse of a business overnight, and the Internet is awash with criminals, software and devices that are trying to penetrate your defences thousands of times every second. Whoever your technology partner is, security must be a core priority.

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Editorial, NBN, Networking

Abstract Summary The Broadband Monitoring Programme seeks to provide real-world data sampled from consumer Internet services so that Retail Service Provider (RSP) products can be compared by an independent body (the ACCC) and the results are published publicly. The ACCC has commissioned SamKnows to conduct this data collection using ‘whitebox’ devices that are pre-configured and are simply connected to the end user’s router. As one of the participants of this programme, I quickly noticed the data being collected and reported by my whitebox showed my connection performance was implausibly low.SEE DETAILS <span class="more-link-h...

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Business IT, Security

On April 14 Intel disclosed their architectural vulnerability to a new group of side channel attacks collectively called MDS (Microarchitectural Data Sampling). Intel have provided microcode updates to their manufacturing partners for firmware updates, as well as to Microsoft, Linux and other OS developers for integration in future software patches. If you remember back to last January’s disclosure of Spectre, this sounds very much like the same thing all over again. Spectre was the first time we’d seen an architectural vulnerability like this, and the security industry predicted it wasSEE DETAILS <span class=...

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Business IT, Virtualisation / Virtualization

We still get asked this question frequently. In simple terms, virtualisation is taking your existing physical computers and making a ‘software’ copy of them. This is quite easy, because all the configured, important parts of your servers are already software anyway – the operating system itself, the programs you run, and the data you’re storing. Virtualisation platforms have a standard (identical) software version of the computer ‘hardware’ for all the virtual computers to run on top of – think of it like every computer in the world having identical hardwareSEE DETAILS

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We’ve been busily auditing client environments and evaluating their readiness for Spectre mitigation. Frustratingly, of the long list of devices, computers and mainboards we have, the vast majority of products greater than two years old don’t have firmware patches available on the manufacturers’ support websites. In reaching out to Gigabyte support to determine if they did, in fact, have firmware available for a particular model, we were then provided with the file. When we asked why they have firmware available that isn’t being published on the product’s support page, theySEE DETAILS <...

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Business IT, Security

Following up from our recent article on the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities, we’ve had confirmation from Gigabyte that Award BIOS motherboard products cannot apply the Intel CPU microcode that patches the Spectre flaws. According to them this affects all Award BIOS products from all manufacturers. In that case, even though the CPUs may be supported by Intel, the platform itself is not, so there’s no way to apply the CPU microcode and protect that system from Spectre. There’s a possibility that Microsoft may release a future patch that includes theSEE DETAILS

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